Wednesday, 4 December 2013

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Are you a Mixed Martial Arts athlete? Are you desperately looking for the right MMA gear but unable to find the perfect one for yourself? If yes, then look no further and end your entire quest, we welcome you at SideKick is the most outstanding and leading MMA fightwear and kickboxing equipment brand in the UK. SideKick is the most phenomenal online marketplace that offers the widest range of top quality MMA fightwear products and Kickboxing gear to the athletes at the most reasonable prices.
Now, when the talk is about Kickboxing, it is a combination of different forms of martial arts based on punching and kicking. Kickboxing is regarded as one of the best self-defense practices and is becoming increasingly popular among kids and adults worldwide. On the other hand, with the growing popularity of kickboxing the needs of the best kickboxing equipments is mounting too. Thus, SideKick has stepped in the arena and is committed to offer the largest selection of superior quality kickboxing equipments and accessories to the entire kickboxing practitioners.
The online store of Sidekick houses a great selection of Clothing and apparels, Bags and Holdalls, Boxing Gloves, Fitness Equipments, Focus Pads, Head Guards, Foot Guards, Strike Shields and Speedballs for both boys and girls. We even are specialized in offering superior quality kickboxing gear for kids that include Kickboxing training equipments, Kids Muay Thai Gloves, Kickboxing Shorts and Boots and many more others. Similarly, Sidekick is a renowned MMA equipment brand in the UK and if you are looking for the best quality Mixed Martial Arts equipments then we are having the widest collection of MMA fight gear, apparel and protective gears. Our products are designed so that the fighters can train harder and enhance their fighting skills.
Just to narrow down your kickboxing and MMA equipments, we have divided our offerings into several categories. You can check out our products with few clicks of your mouse and depending upon your requirements, you can shop the desired product from our store without wasting much of your time. Our foremost priority is the satisfaction of our customers and we strive hard to gratify their entire desires.
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sidekick Boxing Promo Video For MMA Fighter Kirsty Davis

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Best Kids MMA Gloves And Equipment

People enter the world of boxing for several purposes. Many engage in such sport to stay healthy, whereas some take it as a path to reach their goals and fulfil their dreams. Women are the ones who often do boxing as exercise and workout, while men and kids get into the sport to establish a successful career. Whatever the reason is, it takes much time and self-discipline. . If you are looking for boxing and MMA clothes then you are surely going to love the clothes that are sold over
You can check sidekick online shop for a variety of sportswear and kids MMA gloves and boxing equipment offers quality sportswear for women and kids such as track pants, shorts, tights, leggings, T-shirts and tops.  It provides a huge range of boxing equipment such as gloves, pads, headgears, punch bags and other fitness equipment. You cannot deny the fact that Mixed Martial Art is now more than ever popular.  On sidekick MMA Fight wear, include kids MMA gear, shorts and gloves. MMA is an out and out body-touch game. It is uncomfortable for the players if their dresses are not properly loose. The players wearing such apparels should find soothing effect. It is again undeniable that apparels do affect performance of the competitors in the boxing ring. Hence, these gears have been designed with such care that they look important, attractive and aesthetically charming.

Gear up properly with sidekick sportswear and enjoy a comfortable training and workout. The selection of women's clothing to kids clothing is wide and modern, so choosing the one that suits your fashion sense and lifestyle is not at all a difficult task. The online store stands with great pride. Its popularity can surely tell you the demand and love for the products, which this website has got in the stock for its highly prestigious customers. The website is available 24*7, so you can shop for classy women's clothing at the time convenient to you. This particular reputable online store is committed to offer you an amazing online shopping experience. They take all the necessary steps to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Apart from clothing, you can also find trendy accessories, products for kids MMA , gym clothes that you cannot find in any other shopping website.

The aim of sidekickboxing is to provide superior service to the customers and a fine selection of high quality, affordable products. They provide convenient payment methods to make your shopping experience stress-free. They also offer free shipping that lets you to save good amount of money while shopping. You can get kids and women's boxing clothes at a reasonable price on this website as compared to local stores. That is the time when people look enthusiastic and extremely excited. So, choose boxing wear for your kids and amazing fitness accessories for you to look good and comfortable stay fit.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Choosing The Right Boxing Gloves

The boxing gloves are the best friend that all boxers should have. Boxers should get along with the most suitable and comfortable gloves for them. They go with these things in trainings, sparring and competitions, so it is good enough to make sure they will fit perfectly.
Boxinggloves come in different styles, weight and size. The size of gloves to use depends on the body weight of the boxer and its purpose. Each boxer has a pair of training gloves used for all types of boxing training such as hitting bags and sparring. Training gloves are heavier and thicker than competition gloves. 
In the market there are various kinds of gloves like normal gloves, leather gloves, Junior Boxing gloves, MMA gloves, amateur competition gloves kick boxing gloves, training gloves etc. always select the most excellent quality gloves by looking at its elasticity, suitability along with its toughness to stand long that is the durability factor must also be seen as well. Always try gloves once before paying the cash because the Boxing Gloves play a vital role in boxing profession
Specifically created for professionals there are several MMA gloves obtainable in the market and on the internet. In trainings, it is recommended to get thicker and bigger gloves. Hitting heavy bags require much safety for the hands. It will also make the hands adapted to the weight of the gloves. Hands can be moved faster when lighter and smaller gloves are used in boxing rings. When it comes to MMA, gloves there are two sizes of gloves: the 4 Oz and the 6 oz. If you are an expert MMA fighter or competitor, you can use the 4 oz. On the other side, if you are simply a beginner, the 6 Oz should almost certainly be what you should start with. It has more wadding and your wrist will be more sheltered from any injuries or impact. Last but not the least, never get attracted towards the low quality or discounted gloves. All that matters is the quality of your protection equipments. It is imperative to take care that boxing gloves fit the hands properly even with hand wraps on. Boxingglove brands vary in sizes around the fist, so it is better to check if it is comfortable to make an easy fist inside the gloves. Just do an extensive search over the web and find your choice of gloves that best matches your requirement. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the best company, which offers branded boxing gloves to all amateurs and professionals who are into the sport of boxing